Chelsea High School excelling at college readiness

By Lonnie Huhman,

When it comes to the SAT and college readiness, the Chelsea School District is looking pretty good.

After seeing the results that the SAT recently released for their College and Career Readiness scores for the Class of 2019, Mike Kapolka, principal of Chelsea High School, said the results speak to what’s being done and achieved at the high school.

“This is outstanding data that validates much of the effort we have collectively placed on preparing all of our students for a productive post-secondary experience once they exit Chelsea High School,” Kapolka said.

So how did CHS measure up?

These numbers were provided by CHS:

The state of Michigan’s college and career readiness average for the Class of 2019 was 35 percent while Chelsea High School’s college and career readiness average for its Class of 2019 was 72 percent.

CHS is ranked #12 in the state. 

For the second consecutive year, Kapolka said, “we had the highest math scores in Washtenaw County for college readiness (80 percent) and were ranked #4 in the county at 78 percent for Evidence Based Reading and Writing.” 

For some quick background from the College Board that best defines this metric, Kapolka cited the following:

The college and career readiness benchmarks associated with the SAT are based on actual student success in entry-level college courses. Benchmarks are set at the section level (Math, Evidence-Based Reading and Writing) for each assessment and represent increasing levels of achievement as students progress from grade eight through grade 12. The SAT benchmark scores represent a 75 percent likelihood of a student achieving at least a C grade in a first-semester, credit-bearing college course in a related subject.

So how can this data be used at CHS?

“In terms of the data, we look at this collectively as a building staff in August, as we are able to triangulate this data with the PSAT 9 and PSAT 10,” Kapolka said. “This helps us identify individual areas of potential support for specific students.” 

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