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Chelsea Hospital President Miles Speaks on Strategic Vision Amid Rapid Growth

At Chelsea Hospital’s Oct. 16th Community Town Hall, Ben Miles, President of Chelsea Hospital, shed light on the institution’s priorities and growth trajectory during a meeting.

Chelsea Hospital is in its second year of a three-year strategic plan. Miles noted, “I’m going to take a moment and really kind of step through each of these in a little bit of detail. That way, you can get a sense of what’s guiding some of our discussion and decision-making here.”

Key highlights from his speech include:

Growth in Medicine: Chelsea Hospital is expanding not just by the number of patients but also by the complexity of care it offers. According to Miles, “Chelsea Hospital is the fastest-growing hospital in Southeast Michigan when you measure it by the rate of growth.” The hospital attributes much of this growth to patients’ trust in its urgent care, emergency department, and other services.

Chelsea Hospital President Ben Miles. Photo: Trinity Health.

Operational Challenges: With growth comes challenges. The hospital is focusing on optimizing patient placement and throughput. Miles reemphasized the importance of leveraging consultative services for sicker patients and developing varied levels of care.

Surgical Programs: There has been substantial growth in the surgical department, prompting the institution to innovate with extended recovery models and immediate care availability. New programs, such as spine programs and vascular surgery clinics, have been introduced. “We’re seeing tremendous growth in orthopedics, specifically in foot and ankle,” Miles said.

Emergency Department Growth: The hybrid emergency and urgent care department has experienced a 50% growth in the last five years. In 2018, the 20-bed ER department saw about 20,000 patients, which is expected to rise to over 30,000 this year. “We’re working very closely with the providers and staff there around how we continue to adapt and accommodate this growth because we think that we haven’t really eclipsed or hit that high watermark yet,” said Miles.

Cancer Center Excellence: The hospital’s cancer center continues to provide exceptional care with numerous positive patient stories. Miles emphasized, “We’re looking for new ways to continue to serve our community there.”

Vision for the Future: The hospital also looks beyond its current strategic plan, aiming to envision its place in the next decade. Miles stated, “Five years out, ten years out, I think the value in that is it helps us to really stretch the imagination to think about what Chelsea Hospital is going to look like a decade from now, and that helps us to think more boldly more innovatively around the services, both that we currently have and new services.”

Community Feedback: Community engagement and feedback have been pivotal for Chelsea Hospital. “We need your feedback,” Miles emphasized, appreciating the insights provided by the community in various forms.

Hospital’s Mission: In summarizing the institution’s aim, Miles revealed the essence of their elevator speech: “Chelsea Hospital will be the best community hospital in the country.” He clarified that this goal is not about winning awards but about striving for excellence and honoring patients’ trust in the hospital.

Chelsea Hospital’s awards. Image Town Hall PowerPoint.

Later, in his concluding remarks, Miles expressed his profound appreciation for the leadership and collaborative spirit that has underpinned the institution’s success. He went on to highlight some of the institution’s proudest achievements.

“I did say earlier, it’s not about the awards, but I’m pleased to share that Chelsea Hospital, over the years, has won many awards,” Miles said. He noted the recognition the hospital has received in patient experience and specialty services, being reaffirmed by CMS, and its inclusion in Becker’s list of America’s top community hospitals. A particularly notable distinction came from Fortune Magazine and PNC, which recently named Chelsea Hospital as one of the top 100 hospitals in America. “Out of more than 5,250 hospitals, we’re one of 100 that have been singled out for the comprehensive care that we provide,” he stated.

Miles revealed what he believes is the secret to the institution’s success. “I’m actually going to give you the formula,” he said, inviting attendees to take notes. “And you actually saw it as soon as you hit the door – it’s what you’ve come to expect. It’s the people that you’ve come to know, love, and trust over the course of time. It’s the people who have become my work family over the past 18 months.”

He reflected on his personal journey, sharing that even though his initial interactions during recruitment were virtual, “the warmth, the dedication, the passion for this community came through loud and clear.”

Chelsea Hospital’s secret to success. Image: Town Hall PowerPoint.