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After completing walkthroughs of the current parks over the summer, the city of Chelsea’s Parks and Recreation Commission (CPRC) met on Sept. 10 to continue to discuss updates to their master plan.

Current state, priorities, and concerns for each park we’re discussed when the CPRC met at the Timbertown, Veterans, and Pierce parks along with prior established short- and long-term goals for each park along with Webber Fields and the dog park.

Although the lists hold current priorities and goals, the CPRC can still add to those lists if they think of anything else moving forward.


Next, they talked about the amendment process and schedule moving forward.

City Manager John Hanifan said once they got to a point with a final document, another open house type forum to discuss the plan might be best to present it to the community. He said he didn’t expect the amendment process to take long and estimated the plan could be adopted by December.

Mayor Melissa Johnson added that as the city continues to grow, they’re already under the acreage required for the current population and talked about looking at adding more parks and preserving current greenspace.

Although it’s not a legislative document, Hanifan said the master plan was required to access any state natural resource trust or grant funds.

Finally, the CPRC talked about the Pierce Park Improvement plan and its implementation.

Hanifan reported that a company had been hired to do the new path and expected them to start “any day.” From excavation to finish, Hanifan estimated the new path in the park to take about two weeks, at which time the park will be closed for safety.

Hanifan added that the total came to around $70,000 and although it was slightly over budget for what was set aside for the path, asphalt costs have gone up, it was still within the overall budget for the improvement plan.

After their prior funding source for the improvement changed their model, the CPRC improvements were changed to being implemented in phases.

Landscaping elements will be pushed back until spring and Hanifan said the rock will be moved around the same time with the equipment on site.


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