Chelsea Parks Commissions Hosts Pierce Park Public Input Session

By Seth Kinker,

The Chelsea Parks and Recreation Commission hosted the Pierce Park Public Input session May 16 at Pierce Park. The goals for the updated Pierce Park are to enhance the natural beauty of the park and make the space more accessible.

Open to the public, the purpose of the input session was to gain feedback on proposed changes to the park that tie in with the Pierce Park Improvement Plan that tie in with the Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

Meg Gower, the Landscape Architect with the Gower Design Group, was on hand to discuss the improvement plan.

Members of the Commission were also stationed at each new proposed area in Pierce Park on Wednesday. Although nothing is set in stone, some proposed changes include a new path through the park, new play structures, another gazebo with more seating available, bike racks, a new seating area, the moving of the rock, a garden, the implementation of new types of plants, and changes to the port-a-johns.

The biggest point of contention with the park improvements falls with the proposed movement of the rock to the other side of the park entrance. The rock in Pierce Park has been used to announce community events, birthdays, memorials, and other special dates in the community. Located right off of M-52, the surrounding trees have also been painted on over the years.

Moving the rock was the most widely discussed topic with several community members speaking out in protest.
City Manager John Hanifan said that the path and play structure would likely be the costliest with funding for the Pierce Park Improvements coming from many sources such as grants, the rotary club, donations, and funds from the City.

Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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