By Seth Kinker,

On Feb. 5 the Chelsea Parks and Recreation Commission talked about potential areas for property acquisition for new parks.

While no active talks are being had with current property owners, the commission did talk about where there were potential opportunities for parks in the future, and that encompassed all areas around the city and even some space in town.

“The nice thing about the potential for any of these is there in and around, all points and all directions,” said City Manager John Hanifan on where there was available greenspace.


From north of the dog park, to the Heritage Point future phases working with a developer, to working with the schools for more creative connections for non-motorized connectivity, those were just some of the spaces named as options in the future.

Working from the last parks plan, the commission has been steadily addressing items as time has gone on and still has two big items.

“Unsolved parts of the prior parks plan, to now, enhance the overall acreage for parks and the addition of a community center,” said Hanifan. “Which has been identified, we’re going to keep saying this since the 90s? There’s a strong need and desire for it, we’ve accomplished a lot. We still have a lot to do but those are the two big ones.”

Mayor Melissa Johnson and Hanifan noted that those two topics would be on the docket for the upcoming annual visioning session the City holds to talk about goals for the new year. This year’s visioning session will take place on Feb. 13.