Chelsea Passes Palmer Lot Use Policy Draft

By Seth Kinker,

The Chelsea City Council passed a use policy draft for the Palmer Lot on Nov. 5 at their regular city council meeting.

The policy has been discussed over the past year by the Chelsea Downtown Development Authority (DDA). The draft was written based on policies from other communities with similar public spaces to regulate use rental rate.

City Manager John Hanifan noted that it was anticipated that the facility will be rented for a variety of uses and that the policy wasn’t long but more expansive with specific areas included in the rental, the hourly rate, and the ability to offer a reduced or free rate to non-profits or other groups for weekly, monthly, or seasonal rentals for events that are free and open to the public.

Any reservation of the facility will have to start with a rental application on the city website or at the city office. The reservation includes exclusive use of the concrete stage area, the center grass field, the west parking area, and the north parking area including the sidewalk. Common areas such as the restroom and south parking will remain first come, first serve.

Rental rates are a minimum and are for between one and four hours, each additional hour can be requested with a $50 per hour charge.

Weekend rental (Friday, Saturday, Sunday): city residents, non-profits, and public organizations – $150/ 4 hours; non-resident – $300 / 4 hours; private organization – $500 / 4 hours; weekday rental: city residents – $50 / 4 hours; non-profits –  $100 / 4 hours; non-resident – $150 / 4 hours; and private organization – $250 / 4 hours.

Electricity is available and must be pre-approved with the initial rental agreement and all activities must end by 10pm except with prior approval from Council.



Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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