By Seth Kinker,

Last week the City of Chelsea held a public hearing on the draft of the annual city budget for the Fiscal Year of 2018/19.

Amanda Garber, a CPA and Administrative Director for the City of Chelsea, walked through the projects from the past year that were nearing completion including the Electric System Improvement Project, the City Master Plan Updates, the Palmer Lot Project, and SAW Grant Projects.

The proposed millages for the 2018/19 year would remain the same, par for the course since 2009. General operating, municipal streets, and solid waste millage all remained the same while the Downtown Development Authority (DDA), saw a decrease due to the Headlee rollback. The City has been able to offset the revenue decreases over the past several years.


Information provided at the showed that the city’s cash fund remained mostly steady with some increases in revenue due to increased property taxes.

The largest expenditures continue to be salaries and wages, defined benefit pension expenses, post-retirement employee benefits, and infrastructure improvements.

The next step from the meeting on May 21 is to review public comment and get approval from council at the June 4 meeting.


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