By Lonnie Huhman,


A new preliminary budget plan is in place for the Chelsea School District.


According to CSD Superintendent Julie Helber, the 2019-2020 preliminary budget was approved unanimously 5 to 0 at the June 24 board of education meeting. Board members Tammy Lehman and Keri Poulter were absent.

The new budget projects revenues to be at $28,366,449 and costs at $29,743,017.

The 2018-2019 fiscal year budget had revenues at $28,641,159 and costs at $29,000,728. The school district’s fiscal year runs from the beginning of July to the end of June of the next year.

Helber said the preliminary budget does use fund balance or savings, “because we built in our employee raises, but did not build in additional revenue from the state.”

The assumptions in the new budget plan say revenue will see flat student count and foundation allowance, and on the costs side of things it assumes an advance for all groups, percentage increase on scales for all groups and a percentage increase in health insurance and cash in lieu to qualifying groups.

Of the state of Michigan, Helber said, “We are still waiting for their budget to be finalized.”

“Unfortunately, their deadline is October 1 and does not coincide with our fiscal year,” she said. “Once their budget is finalized and we get our first enrollment count, we will be able to adjust our budget to reflect any additional revenue we may receive in our foundation allowance.”

Helber said the foundation allowance outlines how much money per pupil CSD will get to educate its students.

“Last year we received $7,901 per student, which is just above the minimum allowance,” Helber said.

In other decisions, Helber said the school board also unanimously approved the 2019 Bond to be presented to the Michigan Treasury Department for approval on July 1.

Helber said, “Should Treasury approve the Bond Application it will be brought back to the Board of Education to approve and place on the November ballot.”

She said more information regarding the bond will be provided to the community once these approvals are met.