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Chelsea, Chelsea Education

Chelsea schools are getting some new security cameras, buses and musical instruments

Buses, security cameras and some musical instruments, the Chelsea School District Board of Education made some purchases over the past month.

During the Jan. 22 and Feb. 12 school board meetings, purchase recommendations for some new security cameras and busses went before the board as well as the instruments. The board approved each one.

CSD Superintendent Michael Kapolka told the Sun Times News, “The technology upgrades of additional cameras and camera replacements continues our focus on enhancing proactive security measures within the district. The new bus purchases fall in line with our replacement cycle of our fleet.”

In his recommendation letter, detailing the need for cameras, Ryan Spencer, CSD’s Director of Technology, said there is a need for additional and replacement Security Cameras.

“Earlier this year, I met with each principal to come up with a list of areas that need improvement when it comes to our security cameras,” Spencer said in his recommendation. “After working with Omnilert and Chelsea PD to test our gun detection system, it became much clearer which areas we should be focusing on when it comes to additional and replacement cameras. I also spent time with Ross Potgiesser going over camera placements to verify from an Operation’s perspective that we were maximizing coverage. In early December, I put out a camera RFP for 213 additional and replacement cameras across 11 buildings. The bids came back on December 22, 2023.”

After comparing all of the bids, asking additional questions, and reaching out to references, Spencer recommended that CSD accept the alternative bid from SSD Cabling & Cameras LLC at a cost of $211,930.37. He said this purchase will be made primarily from Grant 97 for $192,102.30 while the remaining balance of $19,828.07 will come from bond funds.

With the transportation needs, CSD Chief Financial Officer Nicole Darby said in her recommendation that based on the cooperative price comparison using the Michigan School Business Officials bus purchasing program, “I recommend the purchase of two 71 passenger buses from Midwest Transit Equipment.”

She said the unit price for each bus with added upgrades is $155,657. The total purchase price for two buses is $311,314.

Darby said, “Typical bus use runs about 10-12 years and our oldest buses are at the 10 year mark. This purchase will put us back into a bus replacement cycle. The purchase price includes updated cameras, 2-way radios, and extended warranties. Funds are allocated in the bond to cover these bus purchases.”

As for the Band and Orchestra Purchase Recommendations, Darby said the total purchase price for the two bids for Band and Orchestra was $86,750.

Based on the bids received for the band and orchestra request for proposals, Darby recommended the following purchases:

Marshall Music Company $51,964

1 Renard Artist Oboe Grenadilla at $4,289 each

1 Yamaha Tenor Saxophone at $1,689 each

1 Yamaha Intermediate Baritone Saxophone at $5,499 each

5 Yamaha Sousaphone at $4,559 each

6 Yamaha Marching Baritone at $2,179 each

2 Yamaha Intermediate Euphonium at $2,309

Shar Music Company $34,786

6 High School Level Cellos at $4,800 each

2 High School Level Basses at $1,350 each

10 High School Level Bows at $229 each

4 High School Level Bass Bows at $249 each