By Lonnie Huhman,

The Chelsea School District Board of Education took the next big step in putting a bond proposal before the voters on Nov. 5.

With the recommendation of CSD Superintendent Julie Helber, the school board at its Aug. 12 meeting approved the resolution calling for a special election and to submit a proposition to be placed on the November 5, 2019, ballot.


The school board’s resolution stated, “In the opinion of this Board it is necessary and expedient to ask voters whether to approve a bond project consisting of erecting, furnishing, and equipping additions to and remodeling, furnishing and refurnishing, and equipping and re-equipping existing school buildings and other facilities; acquiring and installing instructional technology in school buildings; purchasing school buses; and preparing, developing, equipping, and improving playgrounds, athletic fields and facilities, and sites.”

Helber said the board voted unanimously to put the bond on the Nov. 5 Ballot.

“We registered it with the Clerk’s office today,” Helber said by email on Aug. 13. “We will be organizing informational materials and community meetings to make sure our voters are informed.”

The board’s resolution also stated, “This Board estimates the period of usefulness of the improvements for which bonds of the District in the amount of Eighty-One Million Dollars ($81,000,000) are to be issued to be not less than twenty-one (21) years.”

Also at its Aug. 12 meeting, the CSD school board approved a number of new hires.

Helber recommended the board approve the hiring of Andrea Franco as the district’s English Language Learners Coordinator/Teacher; Phillip Sylvester as an Orchestra teacher at Chelsea High School and Kristin Chinavare as a Science teacher at Beach Middle School.

Helber said the district still has some more hiring to come.

In her updates, Helber said for School of Choice, CSD has enrolled 25 students with seven of them going into Kindergarten. The district is also enrolling 21 Foreign Exchange students at the high school this fall.

“We are excited to have students from different cultures join us for the year,” Helber said.

She said total enrollment, at this time, still looks relatively flat.

“Typically we have a 15-20 student swing either way,” she said. “We are hoping to have 20 more students than last fall,” and added, “We are still waiting on the State’s budget.”

And finally, she gave an update on the paving at Beach.

“We are on schedule to complete the new parking lot and traffic flow design,” she said.


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