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Chelsea Senior Center Can Help with Isolation

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As a result of the isolation during the COVID pandemic, a new focus is being given to the impact of social isolation, especially for seniors. 

Social isolation is associated with higher risks for high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, weakened immune function, increased anxiety, depression, cognitive decline, dementia and death. 

According to recent research, older adults are at higher risk for social isolation and loneliness because of changes that take place in health and social connections. Loss of hearing, vision, memory, lack of transportation, and the common experience of losing family members and friends all increase the risks of isolation. 

To assess isolation, an individual may ask, “Am I at risk of suffering the negative effects of isolation?” If any of these are true, it may be time to seek connection: 

I am homebound due to a chronic health condition. 

I am a caregiver caring for elderly parents or partner, and I rarely get out. 

I lost my spouse and don’t want to do things with friends as a single, I stay alone. 

I have trouble remembering people and things. 

I fear becoming confused in an unfamiliar environment. 

I am single, getting older, overweight and want to be left alone to do what I want. 


What can an individual do to reduce risk?  Get up, get out, get going! 

There are organizations that can help you to reduce the negative effects of aging and of isolation. Chelsea Senior Center (CSC) is one of the most active in the local area. CSC offers numerous programs for a wide range of interests. 

The Meals on Wheels program provides food for seniors who are homebound due to chronic illness, recent hospitalizations, or mental health difficulties that increase their isolation. This program provides a nutritious meal delivered by a friendly volunteer. Participants receive the CSC newsletter, which includes the weekly menu, and other information about CSC activities and classes. 

  CSC’s ROAM program includes WAVE and Ann Van transportation services during the weekdays. These resources can be a critical connection between home and doctor’s appointments, a trip to the CSC, and elsewhere. 

The Senior Café meal program is available at the CSC for those who would like to share a meal with others one to five days per week. If you can get up and out, you can get going to the CSC for a nutritious meal at low cost and time for conversation with friends. 

CSC offers more than 250 classes and activities a month to meet the needs and interests of seniors of all ages and abilities. Check their schedule for a class that interests you and give one a try. 

Even one class, one meal, or one event can reduce the risk of isolation and make a positive, lasting impact on mental health. Get up, get out, get going. 

For information about services, classes or transportation assistance, call CSC at 734-475-9242, M-F 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p. m.