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Coaching soccer for kids is a thrilling journey packed with sweat, smiles, and sheer determination. Crafting the perfect training session tailored to each team’s age and skill level can be challenging, but they are all about turning that challenge into triumph at Chelsea Soccer Club.

kids in sports uniforms shaking hands on green grass

Photo courtesy of Chelsea Soccer Club

Their philosophy is simple: soccer should be a blast for every kid who kicks a ball. When the game is fun, players pour their hearts into training, fueling their love for the sport and keeping them on the field for years to come.

Director of Coaching Matthew Clarke knows this firsthand. “At Chelsea Soccer Club, I’m driven by both the highs and lows I’ve experienced in soccer. Every child deserves a positive relationship with the game, and it’s my mission to make that a reality. We’re not just coaching soccer; we’re nurturing a love for the game while instilling values of integrity, respect, competition, and fun.”

youth kicking a soccer ball on an outdoor field with empty bleachers in background

Club member Gavin Ijere. Photo courtesy of Chelsea Soccer Club

In the 2023/24 season, Chelsea Soccer Club saw 175+ passionate kids forming over 15 teams. But it’s not just about the numbers; it’s about the sense of community that they foster. Seven teams are gearing up to conquer the Cherry Capital Cup in Traverse City on the weekend of May 19, promising a whirlwind of camaraderie, spirited competition, and unforgettable memories.

Ready to get into the soccer action this summer? Kids in grades K-12 can sign up for summer camp. In partnership with Chelsea School District and Chelsea Community Education, summer camp is accessible to all ages and abilities. Seasoned players can dust off their cleats and prepare for the fall season, while new players can meet friends and experience the joy of the game.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, June 8, as they form teams for the 2024/25 season! Register at Don’t miss your chance to join the Chelsea Soccer Club family and ignite your passion for the beautiful game.

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