July 15, 2024 Donate


Chelsea State Bank’s President Presents $50,000 Match for TimberTown Reimagine Project

Community News 

Chelsea State Bank’s President & CEO, Joanne Rau presented the City of Chelsea’s Mayor Pacheco, Manager Colburn, and Parks & Recreation Commissioner Samuel Angus with the highly anticipated $50,000 community match donation for TimberTown Reimagine. 

It seems like just yesterday when conversations started about enhancing the cherished TimberTown Park in the Chelsea Community. Chelsea State Bank has a deep connection to the park’s original construction, and our President & CEO, Joanne Rau, was passionate about continuing that legacy. This led to the announcement that Chelsea State Bank will match $50,000 raised through community donations. 

Along with other dedicated volunteers from both public and private sectors, Chelsea State Bank has members on the steering committee and the marketing committee. Their efforts range from engaging in social media campaigns and newspaper features to organizing kick-off events and fundraising initiatives in the two elementary schools. 

“When duty calls – you respond by agreeing to roll nearly $3,000 in coins,” said Rau. “Our team stepped up to the challenge and had fun with it. They became interested in the outcome of the student’s fundraising success.” 

Since its launch in February 2024, these fundraising activities have gained momentum and expanded. Alongside these volunteers, a fundraising committee has been proactive in securing sponsorships from local businesses for key play structure components. 

Joanne Rau, President & CEO of Chelsea State Bank, expressed her amazement at the overwhelming support from local businesses. She highlighted the unique spirit of Chelsea’s local businesses, emphasizing their enthusiasm and eagerness to back this initiative, surpassing all expectations. In addition to receiving support from local businesses, community members embraced the Picket Legacy fundraising campaign.  For $250.00 – families, individuals, and groups can purchase a fence picket made of long-lasting composite (from recycled materials) and can personalize a picket by engraving the name of their family, family member, group, or organization for years to come engraved and on display at TimberTown for years to come. 

“As we celebrate our progress, it’s important to remember that we still have a journey ahead of us – to raise $44,000+ by June 22, 2024.  I’m confident that we will reach our goal, so our children’s children will be able to create lasting memories like many have for the past 30 years.”