By Seth Kinker,

The Sustainability Advisory Committee met for the first time on May 1. The one-year committee, formed back in January, is tasked with presenting research findings regarding alternative energy to the city council for further study or action.

The city currently uses alternative energies, however, council members wanted to learn more about pros and cons, costs, etc.

Other topics that the committee will focus on include green building technology, green infrastructure, recycling and waste management, transportation and mobility, and water resources.


The Committee is made up of seven members – two members of city council, a planning commissioner, a building or developmental professional, a member with alternative energy or green technology experience, and two at-large members.

Tom Girard was appointed chairman of the committee, John Salyer appointed vice chairman, and Brian Bieber was appointed secretary.

The committee as a whole got right into discussion about the possibility of different substantiality projects. Discussions ranged from conservations programs to how business is conducted.

Tony Iannelli, a member of city council and one of seven members of the committee, suggested starting small scale. Small-scale pertaining to easy things such getting more restaurants to source more farms to table or looking at what the committee can do at upcoming local events such as Sounds and Sights.

While the mission of the committee was clear, they intended to find out whether or not they would be strictly presenting ideas for the city to act upon if it chose to or if the committee would be responsible for the new idea’s development moving forward.


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