By Seth Kinker,

At a recent city council meeting, residents of Book Street were in attendance to ask why no more action had been taken since a Oct. of 2018 work session.

During that work session for construction projects on Flanders, Wenley, Wood, and Book Streets residents talked about the proposed improvements for areas effected by stormwater from a study by Midwestern Consulting (MCI).

On June 17, City Manager John Hanifan gave an update on the Flanders street project reporting that MCI has prepared a stormwater easement, an engineer’s probable cost of construction ($149,427), construction profile for a storm pipe, and profile of Flanders Street improvement. But there is also still work to do that includes final construction plans and getting bids out, a wetland permit from the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy, a soil erosion permit, and actual construction.


Staff was requesting the project be bid out as soon as possible, which council approved unanimously. Hanifan noted permit review would be the most tedious still to be completed item, with changes at the state level taking longer than in the past.

“The work that would take place would be the connection of the larger stormwater pipe connections we talked about before would help relieve some of the water in that area and take it to a more regional basin,” said Hanifan.“Also, at the end of Flanders street, it would rework some of the things there, a big change would be the curbing. That would be the first step in solving a lot of the issues there.”

Before the vote Mayor Melissa Johnson noted this was one of many issues brought up by the residents in the area. Other issues included parking, which she said the city and schools have talked about, and smaller issues with individual property owners that city staff will address in the coming months.

Lang Ramsey, one of the residents in the block that’s asked about updates on the work told The Sun Times communication could have been better since the last work session between city staff and residents but he was happy the work was going to be done.