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Chelsea Varsity Hockey Champions Mental Health Awareness with Innovative Game Night

CHS goalie coach and be nice. Program Coordinator Derek Schaedig and founder and Executive Director of be nice. Christy Buck. Photo courtesy of Derek Schaedig.

The Chelsea Varsity Hockey team, in collaboration with the Chelsea Hockey Association, hosted an innovative event dedicated to mental health awareness. The event, known as the “be nice. nation game,” took place Friday, February 2nd and was organized in partnership with the Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan/be nice. and the Chelsea High School (CHS) Athletic Department.

The initiative emphasized the importance of mental health awareness through the be nice. action plan, a strategic program designed to educate individuals on recognizing and addressing mental health challenges. In preparation for the event, coaches from the CHS Athletic Department underwent training in the be nice. action plan. This educational effort equipped them with the necessary tools to identify signs and symptoms of mental health issues and effectively respond to them, thereby fostering a supportive environment for athletes.

The game served as a platform to disseminate information about mental health awareness among players, parents, and spectators. Christy Buck, the founder and Executive Director of be nice., introduced attendees to the action plan, which focuses on noticing changes, inviting engagement, challenging stigma, and empowering individuals with knowledge and resources.

Additionally, the event featured activities such as a Score-O competition, where Chelsea Hockey Association youth coaches aimed to score goals from a distance and a Chuck-a-puck contest, with proceeds supporting the Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan/be nice. Rally towels and be nice. t-shirts were also distributed to the crowd.

For more information on how to support mental health and suicide prevention education, interested parties are encouraged to visit the Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan/be nice. website at www.benice.org.