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Chelsea’s Memorial Day Observance

By Carleen Nelson-Nesvig

On Memorial Day, Monday, May 27th, 2024, Chelsea residents showed their community spirit despite weather advisories predicting rain. Donning rain gear, families, and pets, carrying coffee, snacks, and portable seating, they came in crowds to honor our fallen soldiers.

Photo by Carleen Nelson-Nesvig.

The parade commenced at 10:00 AM. Enthusiastic spectators of all ages lined the streets to watch as various groups participated in the event. The parade lineup featured Daisy Scouts, Cub Scouts 455, The Pride of Chelsea Marching Band, Chelsea High School Band, and Flag Bearers, Members of the Herbert J. McKune American Legion Post 31A, and the Chelsea Police Department.

Photo by Carleen Nelson-Nesvig.

The parade route began at Municipal Lot 1 (behind the Purple Rose Theater), emerging from the alley to E Middle St, then traveled west on E Middle St to Main St, south on Main St to Park St, east on Park St to S East St, north on S East St to E Middle St, and concluded at Oak Grove Cemetery for the Memorial Day presentation.

Photo by Carleen Nelson-Nesvig.

The presentation was hosted by the Herbert J. McKune American Legion Post 31. Commander Keith Burba delivered the following message:

“I’d like to thank you all for taking time out of your day to stand with us in recognition and honor of all those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in service to our nation. We are humbled by their sacrifices, for there is none greater.

“Our fallen service members are sons, brothers, husbands, mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, and friends. They were people woven into the fabric of communities, into the lives and of friends and family. They are loved. They are mourned. And they are missed.

“This Memorial Day, Chelsea comes together to honor their memory and express our deepest gratitude for their service—the ultimate sacrifice.

“However, for the Gold Star Families, every day is Memorial Day. Franklin D. Roosevelt reminded us 82 years ago when he said, “Those who have long enjoyed such privilege–as we enjoy–forget in time that men have died to win them.” But today–Memorial Day–is a chance for us to reconnect to the basic principles of our nation’s freedoms. It is an important day on which we ground ourselves to the reality that every Gold Star Family knows: Our way of life has been shaped and made possible by those who have served—and by those who were lost.

“We can dedicate ourselves, today, and every day, to reflect on what lies before us, and recognize that our valued freedoms were earned through those who died serving their Country–are never forgotten.”

man dressed in military uniform on lawn
Keith Burba Commander Herbert J. McKune American Legion Post 31. Photo by Carleen Nelson-Nesvig

Despite a slight sprinkle, the community’s spirit shone brightly, making this Memorial Day a memorable and heartfelt tribute to those who have served our country.