Chris Schoenberg to Host Episode for Velocity TV

Chris Schoenberg from the Stockbridge/Chelsea area – a full-time woodworking YouTuber – will have one of his project videos aired on Cable TV this Friday night at 9:30pm EST. Chris, who runs the YouTube Channel, Third Coast Craftsman, was contacted by the Discovery Channel to produce an episode for their affiliate channel Velocity TV.

Velocity TV is an automotive related channel and recently created a new series called Velocity Dispatch where each week they feature a different YouTuber doing something automotive related in their own signature style. Tune in to see what Chris makes in his episode.

Chris grew up in Stockbridge but spent a great deal of time in Chelsea as that is where his grandparents lived. Dale Schoenberg, his dad, grew up in Chelsea and still works there today. His grandfather, Don Schoenberg who passed away two­ years ago, taught Chris about woodworking and was his inspiration to make woodworking his career.

You can see more of Chris’s woodworking content by searching Third Coast Craftsman on YouTube, or visiting his website,

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Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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