Citizens Asking For Support Of A Land Preservation Millage

By Lynne Beauchamp,

A group of Dexter Township citizens are asking fellow residents to support a land preservation millage.

According to Barry Lonik, Dexter Township resident and supporter of a land preservation millage, a post card was mailed out this past weekend asking citizens to email the Dexter Township Board of Trustees showing support of the millage.

Over the past several months, Purchase of Development Rights (PDR) has been a topic of discussion at the Dexter Township Board of Trustees meetings. While a group of citizens spoke in support of a millage to fund a PDR Program, another group spoke in opposition.

Lonik and many other citizens including farmers have spoken in favor of Dexter Township funding a land preservation millage and requesting it to be placed on the November ballot for voters to make the final decision.

Dexter Township farmers, Jim Poulter and Dale Lesser are both in favor of the millage for Dexter Township.  In a previous interview, Poulter said he would like to see his farm put in a PDR program which would not only save it from future development but pay off any outstanding debts on the land.

Webster Township currently has an active PDR Program funded by its taxpayers.  Lonik said he would like Dexter Township to emulate what Webster Township has in place.

In a previous interview, Webster Township Trustee and Webster Township Farmland and Open Space Member, John Westman, said Webster Township’s PDR Program is funded by its taxpayers by a .5 mil for ten years. He added this millage generates approximately $195,000 per year.

In Webster Township, said Westman, 1,870 acres are in the PDR Program with many properties under consideration. He said the Webster Township Board appointed a Farmland and Open Space Board to make recommendations to the township board on PDR issues with the township board overseeing the program.

Lonik and the group of citizens of Dexter Township in favor of land preservation paid for and sent the post card over the weekend asking for citizens to email Dexter Township Supervisor, Harley Rider  at  or Dexter Township Clerk, Debra Ceo  at to show support for a PDR. Lonik requested that citizens send emails prior to the July 18 Dexter Board of Trustees meeting.

Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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