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In 2015, the city of Chelsea’s Parks and Recreation Plan specified the need for more land for parks. Since then, the city has also discussed the possible purchase of property for additional parks, field space, and even housing.

On Nov. 4, the city unanimously approved an option agreement for the purchase of 400 N. Freer Road for the price of $450,000.

As a result of being approved, the due diligence portion will take place over the next 120 days. That means city staff will be looking over the environmental review, zoning, and tax liens for the property.


That also means council approved a $5,000 deposit, which will be credited to the sale at closing.

Now, council will need to approve the final purchase which would be a combination of the fund balance and short-term installment purchases (seven years or less).

Councilmember Jane Pacheco asked for clarification for the public options to comment on the purchase moving forward and Hanifan responded that members of the community could reach out to their city council members and could come to public comment at council meetings.

“I just want the residents to be certain, there is no public hearing process for this,” said Pacheco, mainly to the camera for the online recording. “This is a council vote as indicated by the major and city manager. Council has had some discussions. The public has had their opportunities to comment on the master plan and other processes. If you have comments or questions about this purchase, as the city manager suggests, come to public comment, send emails, talk to your council members.”

City Manager John Hanifan confirmed to The Sun Times that nothing specific was earmarked for that land and that it was more about securing green space as outlined in the initial 2015 Parks and Recreation Plan.


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