By Seth Kinker, with information from Sun Times staff writer Lonnie Huhman

In early June, The Sun Times News reported on a three-story, 23-unit urban residential condominium development on two properties at 7956 and 7960 Grand Street, across the street from the Grandview Commons.

After appearing before the city’s planning commission on June 3 for a preliminary site plan review that was approved by an 8-1 vote, representatives from the Marhofer Campbell Development Company appeared before city council on July 8 and council approved the preliminary site plan unanimously.

Marhofer Campbell owns that land that includes a rental home and vacant land just under an acre in total land.


The planned use development application had a letter from Jack Campbell of Marhofer Campbell to request rezoning of the land.

“We respectfully request that the City consider rezoning the property to a Planned Unit Development (PUD) in order to permit flexibility in the design standards, allowing for a development that will provide a variety of alternative housing options for buyers looking to move within the city limits.”

With townhouse and multiplex style accommodations planned, council member, and planning commission liaison, Jim Smith brought up something that he had brought up before in meeting with the planning commission and representatives of Marhofer Campbell.

That was the name, Millenium Place, something Smith said he didn’t see as fitting Dexter. Campbell responded that it was chosen to distinguish itself from other projects in the area but would be open to suggestions renaming the proposed development.

Council member Zach Michels, who first said these should be by-right projects without the PUD, brought up recognizable and substantial benefits which is something he’s done when other developments like Jeffords and Grandview Commons came before council.

“Because it has to be a PUD there has to be some nexus between the deviation you’re asking for and the added benefit of that cost,” said Michels.

Earlier on, a team member of Marhofer Campbell read off benefits to the community, but Michels asked for specifics on deviations for the project to exist.

“We’re asking for greater density, I think that’s the biggest one,” responded Campbell. “And parking.”

With the adjustments to the PUD, Michels asked if the cost would be less than the other two recent developments.

Campbell responded that they would and that they were trying to create a different product, something Michels said he would have liked to be seen outlined in recognizable benefits.