Monday, November 28, 2016

311 S. Main St.

Chelsea, MI 48118

Call to Order

Mayor Lindauer called the meeting to order at 7:07 pm.

Pledge of Allegiance

Approval of Consent Agenda

Meeting minutes of the November 7, 2016 regular meeting

Approval of Bills

Establishment of 2017 Poverty/Hardship Guidelines

Board of Review Letters of Protest

MOVED Johnson SECONDED Albertson to approve the consent agenda.  All Ayes.  Motion Carried.

Approval of Regular Agenda

MOVED Albertson SECONDED Pacheco to approve the regular agenda.  All Ayes.  Motion carried.

Public Comments


Proclamation for Eagle Scout Riley Lukomski

Farmers Market

Public Hearing­­

Council Business

Resolution Authorizing Submission of CDBG Application – Mack Building

MOVED Albertson SECONDED White to adopt the Resolution Authorizing Submission of CDBG Application – Mack Building. All Ayes. Motion Carried.

Transportation Work Group Recommendations

MOVED Pacheco SECONDED White to appoint the members listed above to the Transportation Working Group and appoint Council Member White as the additional council member.  All Ayes. Motion Carried.

Request for purchase of Mini Excavator

MOVED Johnson SECONDED Albertson to approve the quote from Michigan Cat for $35,998.00 including trade in of old CAT 416B backhoe.  All Ayes. Motion Carried.

  1. 2017 Council Meeting Dates

2017 Meeting Dates

01/03/17 (Tues) & 01/17/17 (Tues)

02/06/17  &  02/21/17 (Tues)

03/06/17  &  03/20/17

04/03/17 & 04/17/17

05/01/17 & 05/15/17

06/05/17 & 06/19/17

07/03/17 & 07/17/17

08/07/17 &  08/21/17

09/05/17 (Tues) & 09/18/17

10/02/17 & 10/16/17

11/06/17 & 11/20/17 11/27/16


MOVED Albertson SECONDED White to approve the dates for the 2017 City Council Meetings with the noted change of moving the second meeting of November from 11/20/17 to 11/27/16.  All Ayes. Motion Passed.

  1. Midwestern Consulting Revised Design Proposal

MOVED White SECONDED Pacheco to authorize the additional design expenditures to Midwestern Consulting for the 2015-2016 Street Improvement project in the ‘not-to-exceed’ amount of $19,268 as shown on the 10/28/16 proposal.  All Ayes. Motion Carried

  1. 2016- 2017 Budget Amendments

MOVED Albertson SECONDED White to resolve that the City Council of the City of Chelsea does hereby adopt the attached line item budget amendments for the fiscal year 2016-2017.  All Ayes.  Motion Carried.

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