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The city of Chelsea approved a request from the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) at their Sept. 9 city council meeting by unanimous decision to reduce the members of the board.

In Feb. of 2018, the council reduced the board from 12 members to 11 members, the mayor, and ten other members.

At the Aug. 15 DDA meeting, a motion was made to request that council amend by-laws to reduce the number of board members from eleven to nine, the mayor and eight members.


City Manager John Hanifan told the council that there had been difficulty in keeping a full board over the last few years. With the recent resignations of Phil Tolliver and Doris Galvin, the DDA membership stood at nine.

Councilmember Cheri Albertson asked if reducing the board membership was consistent with typical DDA boards. Hanifan responded that DDA boards across the state have different numbers, but that this number was typical for most commissions in Chelsea.

Hanifan also noted that the council could amend by-laws at a later date to make board membership larger once again.



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