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Public Notices

City of Chelsea: Council Mtg Synopsis 5-6-24

Call to Order
Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States
Approval of Consent Agenda
Approval of Regular Agenda
Public Comments (available in person and via Zoom)

1. Chelsea District Library Update – Jan Carr

Public Hearing
1. Proposed Conditional Transfer Agreement Under Act 425 with Lima Township – Wolf Land Development

Council Business
1. Proclamation Declaring June as LGBTQ Pride Month (Council Member Mehuron) MOTION Ruddock SECONDED Merkel to Approve the Proclamation Declaring June as LGBTQ Pride Month. All ayes. Motion carried.
2. Approval of Guest Flag Raising Application – Progress Flag (Manager Colburn)
MOTION Merkel SECONDED Iannelli to approve the Guest Flag Raising Application and schedule the raising of the Progress Flag for June 1, 2024 through June 30, 2024. All ayes. Motion carried.
3. Appointment to the Planning Commission – Angie Merkel (Mayor Pacheco)
MOTION Ruddock SECONDED Merkel to appoint Angie Merkel to the Planning Commission for a term-ending June 30, 2025. All ayes. Motion carried.
4. Resolution to Establish a Public Hearing for Silver Maples Bonding (Manager Colburn)
MOTION Mehuron SECONDED Morris to set a public hearing on May 20th, 2024, at 7:00 p.m. at the Chelsea City Council Chambers to hear from the public on the potential issuance of bonds on behalf of Silver Maples of Chelsea. All ayes. Motion carried.
5. Creation of Local Officers Compensation Commission (Manager Colburn)
MOTION Merkel SECONDED Ruddock to direct the City Attorney and City Manager t develop an ordinance to establish a Local Officers Compensation Commission. All ayes. Motion carried.
6. Approve First Reading of Ordinance 185 Amending Pay for Meeting Attendance (Manager Colburn)
MOTION Merkel SECONDED Iannelli to approve the First Reading of Ordinance 185 – City Council Payment for Attendance at Meetings. All ayes. Motion carried.
7. Resolution Approving Zoning Compliance Permit – Los Tres Amigos (Planner Montagno)
Staff Reports
Council Reports
Approved: This is only a synopsis of the Regular City Council Meeting. The minutes in their entirety may be viewed at the Clerk’s Office at 305 S. Main Street, Chelsea, MI or online at www.city-chelsea.org
Respectfully submitted, Lyn Sebestyen