City Of Dexter Approves Three Year Tax Exemption For A Local Business

By Lynne Beauchamp,

After a public hearing at the regular City of Dexter Council meeting on September 24, council members approved a three year tax exemption for local business, QED.

Originally founded in Ann Arbor thirty five years, QED- a manufacturer of environmental applications- relocated in 2011 to Bishop Circle Drive in Dexter. It was explained that the company makes and designs equipment for environmental applications worldwide. This equipment includes pumping systems for ground water sampling and gas analyzers that measure landfill gasses.

Tim White, representing QED said clients of the company include the military, gas and oil companies and environmental engineering firms. He said the company has 160 employees globally with 70 of those in the Dexter facility. He added the company has invested in building improvements (valued at $496, 301) after the closing of its California office which transferred its operations to the Dexter facility. With the investment, the company plans for expansion and to create additional jobs.

Council member, Paul Cousins, voiced his concerns over the tax reduction, indicating schools and the library are impacted by the decision of council to allow for the temporary tax exemption. He also pointed out that no one representing these were present at the public hearing to protest the tax exemption.

City of Dexter Community Development Manager, Michelle Aniol, reminded council that in granting the abatement, the city helps relieve the tax burden created by the investment and that the city benefits by receiving 50% of the tax revenue that it would not otherwise have received if the company had not made the investment. It was also noted that the city also benefits from the jobs that were brought in and retained in the community.

The council voted unanimously to approve QED’s tax exemption request for a period of three years.

After the council’s decision to approve, City of Dexter Mayor, Shawn Keough, thanked QED representatives for investing in their city.




Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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