A look at the design and art inside The Grateful Crow, a new restaurant planned for Chelsea.

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The Grateful Crow Fusion Burger & Sushi Bar brings with it a unique taste, style and feel for the community to enjoy.

This new venture from Jason and Suzei Povlich, owners of Jet’s Pizza in Chelsea and The Rumpus Room, will be located in the old Alehouse Brewery location at 420 N. Main Street in downtown. 

In addition to the restaurant, they will also soon be opening a comic book and collectables store in Chelsea called ClockTower Comix and Collectables.


In looking at the prospective opening of the restaurant by the end of summer or in the early fall, Jason said they love Chelsea and are aiming to make their new ventures great assets to the community and for visitors.

The name Grateful Crow comes from mixing the names of two of their favorite bands, The Grateful Dead and The Black Crowes.

“We embarked on this with the motto of be grateful,” said Suzei.

The theme of bringing things together will play an important part at the restaurant, which will be a contributor to the Povlich’s non-profits.

“Fusion is a collaboration of different foods from a variety of cultures and traditions from around the world,” Jason said recently while giving a tour to The Sun Times News of the location that is currently being renovated.

The first thing a patron at the restaurant will probably notice is the art work that adorns the walls. There will be a dining area that sits up to 120 people along with an outdoor patio area and bar. 

They have been working on the inside of the location since November.

With burgers and sushi being the foundation, Jason and Suzei said there will also be a variety of appetizers, entrees and delicious desserts to choose from.

They said some of their favorites are the Pork Belly Bao Buns, Seared Scallops, Chilean Sea Bass, or our USDA Prime – All Natural Ribeye.

There will be a variety of choices for their burgers, such as USDA Prime, Open Range Bison and Australian Wagyu, which is a world renowned style of beef known for its tenderness and high quality taste.

A big part of what will make The Grateful Crow unique is the local connection.

The Grateful Crow team, from left to right, Patrick Povlich, Suzei Povlich, Jason Povlich, Brighton Woods and Lauren Barbour.

Jason and Suzei said leading in the front house will be partner, Lauren Barbour, while the kitchen will be led by Michaela Lavenseler. Both are Chelsea natives and graduates.

When it opens, there are plans for two weeks of complimentary dinners to any Chelsea resident that would like to come and try are in the works.

To see updates and the latest news, go to They plan to reveal the full menu sometime in July. 

The comic book shop, which is expected to open next month, is a story in itself in that it truly is a family adventure. Jason said he’s had an interest in collectibles since he was a young boy working at card shows with his grandfather. Now he and his five sons have invested in ClockTower Comix and Collectibles together, carrying on a family tradition. Jason’s son, Nolan, 15, will be helping to lead in this venture.

It will specialize in comic books, sports cards, toys, games and a variety of pop culture collectibles. The shop is located in the Jet’s Pizza strip mall at 518 N. Main.

Jason and Suzei said both of these ventures, the restaurant and comic book shop, are exciting and are part of their plans to expand and diversify and their hope to provide new opportunities and destinations in Chelsea.

The Sun Times News will be doing further stories to explore these new community assets and its teams, which will include a feature on the unique art work at The Grateful Crow, previewing the opening of ClockTower Comix and Collectibles, and looking deeper into the non-profit they both will contribute to.

The tagline for what’s happening on North Main Street might be: Pizza, Beer, Burgers, Sushi, Comic Books, and Sports Cards=Dream Life.

“The shutdown due to COVID has been tough, but also good for us as a family and a team,” said Jason.

“Our mantra has been to hunker down, stay strong, serve people, and be an asset to the community as best as we can.”



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