Construction On Mack Building Set To Begin

Support Impacted Businesses Farmer Supply, The Depot, and The Historical Society Open for Business During Mack Building Renovation and Road Closure

The long-awaited renovation of the blighted Mack Building, located at the corner of Main Street and Jackson Street, is ready to commence. In order to safely restore the Historical Mack Building, the section of Jackson Street adjacent to the Mack Building, along with selective parking will be closed from May 29th -July 13th.

Turning onto Jackson Street from M-52 will be prohibited during the closure. However, Jackson street will remain open from the new Parking lot to the East of the Mack Building all the way to Madison Street. The alleyway off of Middle Street located between the First Congregational Church and Mule Skinner Boot Shop will remain open for local traffic and business.

Please make the extra effort to support the local businesses surrounding the construction zone to show your support during the closure period. Let the impacted businesses know that they are a valued part of our downtown fabric by supporting them during the temporary partial road closure.  The Depot, Historic Society Museum and The Farmer Supply store is easily accessible from either the new alleyway adjacent to the First Congregational Church off East Middle Street or via Jackson Street from either East Street, McKinely Street, or Madison Street.


Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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