Here’s a look at the Conway approach as pictured on Dec. 5.
photo by Lonnie Huhman

By Lonnie Huhman,

The Conway Road improvement project is too important to Sylvan Township.

That’s why the township board on Dec. 4, unanimously decided to stay on track with it and agreed to a plan with the Washtenaw County Road Commission to postpone it until next spring.

The township board had expected to see the project, which will have the approach on Conway at Cavanaugh Lake Road fixed, completed in 2018. However, a state-wide labor dispute delayed the work and led to it not getting done this past construction season.


Sylvan Township Supervisor Tom McKernan said the project is just as important next year as it was this year, and needs to be done in the spring.

Township treasurer Rod Branham agreed and said the condition is so bad that it needs to remain a must-do priority.

The township has already put money toward the project. It’s a matching funds project and Sylvan has paid $16,000 out of the $20,000 the township budgeted for the work.

The WCRC offered to either carry over the project into spring 2019 or cancel it and reimburse Sylvan.

The work stoppage, which impacted many road projects around the state, was a labor dispute between the Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association and Operating Engineers Local 324.

Work on the Conway approach will include replacement of the paved approach and the placement of a new surface there along with shoulder and restoration work. The proposed paved approach is 100 feet long.

Sylvan will have to carry over the budget for the project and assign the remaining dollars in the 2019 budget.