George Michos (left) with some of his team at Cottage Inn Pizza.

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What do you get when you combine a beloved, locally-owned pizza shop with local actors, production and scenes?

Well, you get a great new pizza commercial from Cottage Inn Pizza.

Cottage Inn announced this past week the launch of their “Who’s Got The Best Pizza?” campaign, which is the first-ever commercial for this regional pizza establishment that is over 70 years old.


The official launch date for the commercial was Friday, Sept. 27.

In the announcement, Cottage Inn co-owner and CEO George Michos, a Dexter resident and coach for high school football, said it was time for Cottage Inn to come on the scene with a commercial to support growing their brand.

He stressed, “The importance of not wanting to be the next biggest pizza chain, but we want to be known as the best here in Ann Arbor and Southeast Michigan.”

Cottage Inn opened its doors at its first restaurant, 512 E. William Street, in Ann Arbor in 1948. The restaurant carries the unique distinction of being the first restaurant in Ann Arbor to serve pizza. The chain has grown to over 55 stores in the Midwest, but the building on East William Street remains the company’s flagship store today.

The idea for the commercial came from Cade Advertising, an advertising agency that recently expanded its operations to Michigan by owner and Dexter resident Rob Marshke, whose wife is Dr. Mary Beth Moenssen of Dexter Orthodontics. Some in the community have probably seen Marshke’s and Cade’s work for the billboards advertising Dexter Orthodontics.

The team from Cade Advertising, Chuck Colby left and Rob Marshke right, joined Emily Humphrey, Cottage Inn’s Director of Marketing, to debut the commercial on “Ann Arbor Tonight” with host Zach Damon.

Cade pitched the “Who’s Got The Best Pizza?” concept to Cottage Inn and after about a year of thought, and once the decision was made to use local actors and would mostly be filmed in downtown Saline, Marshke said Michos and his team were in.

“He really wanted a local vibe and feel to it,” Marshke said.

This summer, Cottage Inn reached out to the public and asked for casting video submissions. From there, a cast of locals was selected, including Dexter High School senior Evan Colby, who plays the pizza man in the commercial and whose dad, Chuck Colby of Three Men and a Tenor and Cade Advertising, also sings the jingle in the commercial.

“Basically everything about the commercial is local, and that’s an important point for Cottage Inn,” Marshke said.

The commercial will soon make its television debut on “Ann Arbor Tonight” with host Zach Damon. The segment was filmed live-to-tape on Friday, Sept. 27th at Ann Arbor’s Community Television Network.

However, it is available online and can now be seen at