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8180 Main St., Dexter

Owners of the vacant lot at 8180 Main St. in Dexter just across Mill Creek from the fire station have begun talks with the city as to the possibility of building a nanobrewery there.

Dexter Community Development Manager Michelle Aniol told the city council Monday night, Jan. 13, that the owner “is wondering about possibly building a full-size, full-service restaurant.” She went on to say that “He’s partnered with a craft brewer, but he is not sure if they would do any brewing on-site.”

Michelle explained to the council that they discussed all the different issues that were involved initially, the first being to contact Washtenaw County to find out if the lot size is big enough for a full-service microbrewery. Given the space, a nanobrewery might be more probably.


What’s a nanobrewery? It’s smaller than a microbrewery. Microbreweries are defined as having production of fewer than 15,000 barrels of beer annually. Nanobreweries are newer to the scene and less defined but are commonly thought of as producing no more than 3 barrels per batch.

The parcel is the former site of Mill Creek Sports Center, an outdoor recreation store for more than 30 years before owner Ray Kroske passed away in 2014. Upon Ray’s death, the business was liquidated and the property was sold with the new owners intending on developing it into a canoe livery. Plans were eventually scrapped when the costs became fiscally unfeasible for a canoe service and the old building was razed.

While the idea is intriguing, don’t make dinner plans just yet. It is still in its exploratory conceptual stage with many conversations yet to come.


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