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Chelsea, Dexter, Milan, Saline

Current Events Quiz (May 12-18, 2024)

Welcome to The Sun Times News current events quiz.

We get it. You can’t read everything coming at you. This quiz is our playful version of TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read), designed to give you a quick, engaging recap of the week’s top stories. Feel free to cheat and look at the answers listed at the end. We want you to have fun and be informed along the way.

Dive in, have fun, and see how well you know your community news!

1. What new position is the Chelsea Senior Center seeking to fill?

A) Program Coordinator

B) Assistant Director

C) Volunteer Coordinator

D) Fundraising Manager

2. Which local event was announced to take place at Robin Hills Farm this summer?

A) Music Festival

B) Fireworks Show

C) Food Truck Rally

D) Art Exhibition

3. What recent achievement did Dexter’s Audrey Gauthier reach in her pitching career?

A) 300 Career Strikeouts

B) 400 Career Strikeouts

C) 500 Career Strikeouts

D) 600 Career Strikeouts

4. What summer program is Dexter District Library offering?

A) Adventure Begins at your Library

B) Science Explorers Club

C) Creative Writing Workshop

D) Technology Integration Camp

5. Which notable figure was recently named the new Executive Director of Chelsea Senior Center?

A) Mark Johnson

B) Jennifer Smith

C) Rachel Green

D) John Baker

6. What is the focus of the Best Life Spring Festival held in Saline?

A) Music and Dance

B) Art and Crafts

C) Support for Those with Dementia

D) Health and Wellness

7. What major recognition did Saline Boys Track and Field team achieve?

A) State Championship

B) Regional Title

C) National Invitational

D) County Meet Victory

8. Which facility was Saline Middle School recently recognized for going?

A) Paperless

B) Solar

C) Zero-Waste

D) Plastic-Free

9. What event is the Boulevard Market in Tecumseh best known for?

A) An Indoor Farmers Market

B) Consignment Craft Booths

C) Wine and Cheese

D) Fresh Baked Goods and Coffee

10. Who recently received the Lifetime Achievement award in Scio Township?

A) Skip Davis

B) Emily White

C) Robert James

D) Linda Harris

11. Which sport did Dexter’s Cal Schutte achieve All-State recognition in?

A) Football

B) Wrestling

C) Lacrosse

D) Basketball

12. What is the Chelsea Area Historical Society walking back into?

A) Era of Taverns and Pubs

B) Era of Industrial Revolution

C) Early 20th Century

D) Pioneer Days

13. What recent milestone did the Chelsea Girls’ Track Team achieve?

A) Regional Title

B) State Championship

C) National Recognition

D) County Meet Victory

14. What was the subject of the recent art display at the Chelsea District Library?

A) Local Artists

B) Unique Art by Saint Louis Center

C) Historical Artifacts

D) Children’s Artwork

15. What new feature is being offered by the Chelsea Senior Center?

A) Reflective Address Signs

B) Free Health Checkups

C) Community Garden

D) Technology Classes

16. What milestone did Saline High School achieve in its academic ranking?

A) Top 50 in the state

B) Top 25 in the state

C) Top 20 in the state

D) Top 10 in the state

17. What recognition did the Chelsea Girls’ Water Polo team receive?

A) State Finals Qualification

B) Regional Title

C) County Meet Victory

D) National Invitational

Answer Key

  1. B) Assistant Director
  2. B) Fireworks Show
  3. C) 500 Career Strikeouts
  4. A) Adventure Begins at your Library
  5. B) Jennifer Smith
  6. C) Support for Those with Dementia
  7. B) Regional Title
  8. B) Solar
  9. C) Wine and Cheese
  10. A) Skip Davis
  11. B) Wrestling
  12. A) Era of Taverns and Pubs
  13. A) Regional Title
  14. B) Unique Art by Saint Louis Center
  15. A) Reflective Address Signs
  16. C) Top 20 in the state
  17. A) State Finals Qualification