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The Treaty of Versaille was signed formally ending the ‘Great War’ in Europe. It was the eve of the Roaring Twenties, that decade of prosperity for Western society expressed through edgy Western culture. Russia is at war with itself in a civil war. Emerging politician Adolf Hitler gives his first speech for the German Workers’ Party. American icon Jackie Robinson is born. The Dexter Agricultural Association (Dexter Mill) opens.

Here are a few ads from the Dexter Leader issue published on November 13, 1919, giving us a glimpse perhaps of some of the things people were dealing with day-to-day.

All photos taken from the Dexter Leader archives at the Dexter District Library.

They were very open talking about constipation, farting, bowels, and wind colic. I find it interesting that an ABSENCE of opium, morphine, or other narcotics is a selling point.
Yep. Tar will take care of that cough alright. ‘La Grippe‘ was the Spanish Flu which was estimated to infect 500 million people worldwide, about 1 out of every 3. It swept through the U.S. in three waves. It is estimated 50-100 million people died from it around the globe.
It is no surprise the Dexter Bakery has been around more than 100 years. May our great-great-grandchildren also enjoy their fare.
Bowels were big business back then, as they are now.
Carhartt – for “all men who toil.” Pretty much the same for today.
More bowel remedy. ‘Billousness’ is a term used back then to describe bad digestion, stomach pains, constipation, and excessive farting. 

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