Dexter Area Historical Society Raffle

By Mary Hall,

One of the most popular booths during Dexter Daze is the Dexter Area Historical Society Booth, and there are 10,000 reasons why. The Grand Prize of $10,000 brings many dreamers to the booth, it’s true, but the reason for the raffles also brings many others.

The raffle was put together to help those who want to be able to support the renovation of Gordon Hall, the 175 year- old home that overlooks Dexter. They plan to open it to the community once the renovation has been completed.

Tickets will be sold for $10 each or 5 tickets for $40 and only 400 were printed. Second prize is $1000 and Third prize is $500.  The winning tickets will be drawn on Saturday, August 11 at 7 pm at the gazebo in Dexter.

Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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