Dexter A&W Makes Customers Smile With Schedule Change

Earlier this month, A&W carhop Sam Wesley was seen grabbing a drink to take out to a customer. Photo by Lonnie Huhman

By Lonnie Huhman,

Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat stops the Dexter A&W from doing what they do best.

For years, the old fashion drive-in, at 8220 Dexter-Chelsea Road, served its classic A&W all-American favorites like root beer, Coney dogs and cheeseburgers from March through late November.

However, that changed in 2017, and anyone recently driving by or stopping in to get some food has seen the A&W open on a cold, snowy early December day this year. The season has been extended until Dec. 16 and it opened this year earlier as well.

“We were listening to our customers, and there was a demand,” said A&W employee Tricia O’Brien of having the seasonal restaurant stay open later while opening earlier.

A big part of the A&W experience is about the carhops bringing the food out to the car on a tray and hanging it on the partly opened window. Weather can be a challenge, but that’s why the carhops need to be commended.

One carhop is Sam Wesley, who is a 2014 Dexter High School graduate. She said their number one goal is serving their great customers to the best of their abilities, who she said have been appreciative and grateful for the longer/earlier seasons.

“We have a great customer base,” she said.

O’Brien said when they tested the waters last year with the season schedule; they saw success. She said things do not change much for them. Their customers want a good experience and some great food, so that’s what they try to give each time, she said.

Wesley said the only thing that changes for her is probably how many layers or types of clothes she wears. Summer will see the carhops in shorts while winter there are more layers.  

Bailey Mayrand, an assistant manager, agreed and said the canopy helps and gives them and customers great protection in all weather. She said the schedule change has been well received, which is encouraging.

“We really appreciate the community and our customers,” she said.

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