Dexter Chamber Holds Annual Dinner

By Seth Kinker,

The Dexter Area Chamber of Commerce had their annual dinner May 18 at the Null Taphouse and Bottle Shop.

Members of the Chamber gathered for dinner, giveaways, and rewards.

The Dexter Creamery, owned by Chris and Janine Jones, won 2018 Business of the Year in their first year in business. The husband and wife team invested in the space downtown last year, dedicated to renovating and innovating the space that has become the Dexter Creamery today.

In the heart of downtown Dexter, the Dexter Creamery offers frozen yogurt, gelato, and sorbet with endless options of toppings.

The Creamery is also involved in philanthropic work that has benefited Haiti, and the rewards program for the Creamery donates five percent of all purchase towards local charities.

In addition to the Business of the Year Award, Paul McCann, who is the Dexter District Library Director, was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for his twenty-four years of service.

“Certainly not something I did by myself, we had a couple of our board members here too,” said McCann after receiving the award and addressing the Chamber. “We’ve been really blessed by a stable core of people. I’ve been there about 24 years now and some staff members have been there longer than I have. That type of continuity allowed us to keep our service level high and also built a family that was going in the same direction that helped build the library. Wouldn’t have been here without contributions from the board members, staff members, and the response from the community. Frankly, it’s easy to run a library in a community like Dexter where the concern for education is so high. I really thank you for this, it’s a great honor and I sincerely appreciate it.”

Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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