Dexter-Chelsea and Freer Road “T” Intersection Receives Grant Funding

By Seth Kinker,

Chelsea City Council members, during a meeting Nov. 5, were notified by Chelsea City Manager John Hanifan that the city received grant funding from the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG) for a road safety audit (RSA) for the Dexter-Chelsea and Freer road “T” intersection.

SEMCOG helps local entities with technical, data, and intergovernmental resources. One of the main roles of SEMCOG is to make the transportation system safer and more efficient.

An RSA is a formal safety performance examination of an existing intersection by an independent team. They estimate and report on potential safety issues and identify ways to improve.

Hanifan recommended that the council should approve a proposal from WSP Michigan for an RSA for the amount not to exceed $35,000, which the council passed unanimously.

“RSA’s are somewhat of a specialty in the engineering world,” Hanifan told council.  “WSP Michigan is extremely qualified to conduct the work as submitted. They’re actually the engineering firm that conducts training for other firms in the state. The proposal, very detailed, meets the criteria we asked for. As equally important, it’s in line with the budget of the anticipated project.”

WSP has completed over 60 RSA’s and other planning studies around the state. Their review will be done in two days, in daylight and dark, and will include walking, biking and driving the corridor.

Photos and videos will be included to support their identification of concerns and what they plan to do to solve those concerns. With housing developments approved around that intersection, the future development of those will have an impact on the RSA.


Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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