Dexter – Chelsea B2B trail update

On Jun. 11, Roy Townsend, a project manager for the Washtnew County Parks and Recreation Commission sent out a fifth update of the latest addition to the B2B trail. Townsend also provided pictures of the bridge over Mill Creek and the concrete curb and gutter near the railroad crossing.


Dear Area Property Owners:


Here is the 5th project update:

  1. The Contractor has completed the path grading and placement of the stone base for the path and the combined driveways.
  2. They have also poured the first 100 foot of curb and gutter along Dexter-Chelsea Road, near the R/R crossing (see picture below).
  3. The 70 foot long bridge over Mill Creek was set into place (see picture below) and the concrete bridge deck in will poured later this month.
  4. Also later this month the Contractor plans start paving the 10 foot wide path.
  5. The slope restoration will then follow the paving, in late June or early July.

If you have questions on this project please feel free to contact me, you can also share this with your neighbors or have them contact me if they also want to be included in future project updates.  Also if you want to be removed from this email list please just let me know too!

We appreciate your support and we look forward to building this successful trail project in your community!

Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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