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Dexter, Dexter Government

Dexter City Council Decides on Relocation of Sheriff’s Substation to Broad Street

Dexter City Offices at 3515 Broad St. Photo by Doug Marrin.

The Dexter City Council has decided where the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office substation will be located in the city.

The Sheriff’s Deputies are currently housed in a small section of the fire station at 8140 Main St. The building is set to be torn down with a new fire station constructed in its place. Plans for the new facility included the Sheriff’s Office until this past October.

According to a memo from City Manager Justin Breyer, dated December 27, 2023, the City Council had previously voted on October 9 to move the Sheriff’s Office from its current location at 8140 Main St. to a new site, which was yet to be determined. The only potential new location proposed since that meeting was 3515 Broad St. at Dexter City Offices. Breyer’s report mentioned, “Since that meeting, staff has received no additional feedback regarding potential locations other than 3515 Broad St.”

Representatives from the Sheriff’s Office expressed their preference for the City Office location, citing several advantages. Breyer’s report highlights these benefits, stating, “Representatives of the Sheriff’s Office have indicated that their preference is to not be located at 8140 Main St., and they would be comfortable being located at 3515 Broad St. The Sheriff’s Office representatives feel that 3515 Broad St. would provide more and better controlled parking for their personal vehicles, more opportunities to directly engage with City staff, and sufficient space for their needs.” Furthermore, the move to 3515 Broad St. is expected to bring about a cost reduction of approximately $300,000 in overall public safety building costs, as indicated by Partners in Architecture (PIA) and Cunningham-Limp.

To proceed with the design of temporary fire facilities at 3515 Broad St., PIA suggested that a decision on the Sheriff’s Office location be made promptly. Incorporating the Sheriff’s substation into the design at this stage would avoid duplicative efforts in construction and design.

Councilmember Semifer motioned for the permanent placement of the Sheriff’s Office facilities at 3515 Broad St. as part of the public safety facilities project, with Councilmember Aldag seconding the motion. Aldag, a member of the Public Safety Facilities User Group, added her insights during the council discussion. She shared, “Just a quick comment that in multiple conversations that, [the Sheriff’s representatives] were very excited about the possibility of this location even over their current location,” referring to comments from Lieutenant Hunt.

The motion was passed with Councilmembers Semifero, Aldag, Hubbard, and Keough voting in favor, while Griffin and Michels opposed. Councilmember Schlaff was absent from the vote.