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Looking southeast on Grand Street | Photo: Matt Clark for OHM

With the Central Street renovation almost complete and in the books, the city of Dexter is setting its sights on next year’s project – Grand Street.

Dexter City Council discussed improvements for Grand Street at their Oct. 14 meeting. The project is slated for 2020 and will include reconstruction of the roadway, stormwater improvements, and new sanitary sewer.

The scope of improvements include:



Pavement will be completely replaced from Hudson to Inverness. The replacement will involve removal of the existing pavement and replacement with a new asphalt roadway with new mountable curb and gutter.


The project will include the replacement of the sanitary sewer between Kensington and Inverness. The sewer line will be relocated from the center of the road into the greenbelt. The asphalt above the sewer replacement between Kensington and Inverness will be milled and overlaid with a layer of new asphalt.


As part of the project, new storm sewer and catch basins will be installed to capture runoff and convey it downstream. These storm sewers will replace the shoulder drainage that currently exists.


The road will be widened to accommodate on-street parking on the north side of the street. On-street parking will be prohibited on the south side of the street.


As part of the project, portions of driveways will be impacted by road reconstruction. Driveways will be replaced in concrete. This includes any existing asphalt or gravel driveways. Limits of the driveway replacement will vary based on the extent of roadwork.


The project will replace any sections of the sidewalk impacted by the storm sewer or road work.


After work has been completed, all areas will be restored with topsoil, seed, and mulch.


Aerial view of Wylie Elementary with the intersection of concern highlighted | Photo: OHM Engineering

Wylie Elementary School Principal, Katie See, sent a letter to the city council asking them to consider creating a three-way stop where Grand St. intersects with the school entrance. The request was made as a result of increased congestion over the past few years with concern for the children walking to school.

The city’s engineering firm, OHM, conducted a traffic study and concluded the data does not warrant a change to the existing traffic control at the intersection. They did, however, have recommendations:

  • Remove the southeast-bound Grand Street approach taper at the Wylie Elementary School parking lot driveway and provide curb extensions on each end of the block where on-street parking is provided on Grand Street. These geometric improvements will force vehicles to navigate turning and parking maneuvers more slowly, and place crossing pedestrians within a clearer line of sight.
  • An alternative option is to prohibit parking where it is presently allowed on the south side of Grand Street between the parking lot driveway and Kensington Street. If this option is pursued by the City, OHM would recommend a parking prohibition from the driveway intersection corner to a minimum distance of 50 feet southeast on Grand Street.
  • During the site visit, it was observed that the street serving the school property is closed via barricades to the southwest near where the internal street branches. If the blockade is considered a permanent measure, the school district could consider rerouting pedestrians to a new crossing on the west side of the internal street intersection. This proposed crossing would prevent conflicting pedestrian and vehicle movements.
  • OHM also recommends replacing the standard crosswalk markings at the parking lot driveway intersection at Grand Street with high-emphasis “ladder-style” crosswalk markings. Additionally, the speed limit should be re-emphasized by posting another R2-1 sign on Grand Street.

City council is taking both the request and recommendations under consideration.


A meeting for residents and property owners is planned for early November to present the draft design and gain feedback. The City’s goal is to begin collecting bids early 2020 with work beginning in June 2020 after school is out for summer. The project is expected to take 2-3 months.