Updates on the future Dexter Community Center and Senior Center went out on April 26, with one big one being that Dexter Community Schools have officially purchased the Wellness Center.

DCS Superintendent Chris Timmis sent out the updates to the community through his regular message, and said, “On Friday, April 26th Dexter Community Schools closed on the purchase of the Dexter Wellness Center. We’re continuing the operational agreement with 5 Healthy Towns and the facility will continue to operate very similar to current operations.”

DCS used the funds provided to it in 2023 as part of an $8.5 million state appropriation.

Timmis said, “All of this is possible as a result of a state appropriation of $8.5 million to Dexter Community Schools for creation of a senior and community center. These wonderful resources continue to be available to our community because of legislative appropriations stewarded by our elected representatives including Congresswoman Debbie Dingell, Senator Sue Shink, Representative Jennifer Conlin, and Representative Carrie Rheingan along with the partnership between DCS, the Dexter Senior Center, 5 Healthy Towns, A.R. Brouwer, and the City of Dexter.”

The other update said, “The Dexter Senior Center is temporarily moving into the former physical therapy space in the Dexter Wellness Center while construction of the new Dexter Senior Center on Baker Road is completed. Groundbreaking for the new 9,000+ square-foot Dexter Senior Center should begin by summer.”

5 Healthy Towns and DCS issued a press release on the sale and purchase:

It said:

After several months of discussions, 5 Healthy Towns Foundation, Dexter Community Schools and Dexter Senior Center have agreed to a joint management agreement that will retain 5 Healthy Towns and its health and fitness management company, Power Wellness as operating partners until March 31, 2025. After that date, Dexter Community Schools will become the direct operator of the facility.

5 Healthy Towns CEO Steve Petty said, “This is a wonderful accomplishment for our community that allows the Dexter Wellness Center to continue serving members until Dexter Community Schools is ready to take on the day-to-day management of the facility. When 5 Healthy Towns made the decision to list the facility for sale in early 2023, we could only hope for an outcome that preserved the center as a place of wellness and social connection. Dexter Community Schools have impressed upon us their desire to continue to see the center thrive and we are delighted to support those efforts.”

Dr. Christopher Timmis, Superintendent of Dexter Community Schools, said, “The Dexter Wellness Center is an incredible asset for the Dexter community and our students. We are fortunate to have the incredible partnership between our legislators to provide funding to keep the facility available to the community, 5 Healthy Towns for their commitment to the community, the Dexter Senior Center, and A.R. Brouwer to make the entire project possible within the funding appropriation.”

As part of the Dexter Wellness Center purchase agreement, Dexter Senior Center will have a temporary home inside the Wellness Center, occupying space formerly leased to ATI Physical Therapy until the new Senior Center is constructed. Construction on the new 9,000+ square foot Dexter Senior Center is expected to begin by summer thanks to the collaboration between DCS, A.R. Brouwer, and Dexter Senior Center. During the transition phase, activities of the Senior Center will take place in the former ATI space, and the center’s Conference Room for occasional classes and workshops.

While ownership of the center is transferred to Dexter Community Schools, the operating agreement between Dexter School District and 5 Healthy Towns preserves the existing management model until at least March 31, 2025. There will be no change to membership or operating policies or practices during this time and Dexter Wellness Center members continue to enjoy the reciprocal benefits of using the Foundation’s other centers in Chelsea and Stockbridge.

Petty said, “This was, at times, a long and uncertain process and we have only been able to get to this point because of the strength of the operation in Dexter, and the willingness of the partners to work openly with one another. This is an exciting new chapter for all of us that enjoy having a thriving wellness facility in Dexter.”

For more information, contact Dexter Community Schools at 734-424-4100, email or 5HF at 734-433-4599, email

DCS collects the most frequently asked questions about this project in a FAQ on it website. They will continue to update the FAQ when new information becomes available.

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