By Lonnie Huhman,

As long as there isn’t another bout of terrible wintry days, which can be difficult to predict in Michigan this time of year, the Dexter Community Schools district will only have to make up one day this year due to snow days.

DCS Superintendent Chris Timmis updated the board of education on this situation at the March 11 board meeting. He said the district, as a whole, has had 9 snow days/days off, which wasn’t all snow and included keeping students home because of icy conditions and super cold wind chill.


However, Dexter High School has had 10 days off with the extra one due to a power outage while Wylie Elementary had an additional day because of a water main break. Because of these extra days, DCS was being judged for a total of 10 days off.

This means the cancellations exceeded the state allowable six days, so Timmis submitted a request to the Michigan Department of Education for the forgiveness of three additional days, which he said is allowable by law.

The request was granted by the state, so that left one day.  

“So we have to make up one, and we just worked it out that it would be the Friday before Memorial Day,” Timmis said.

That day was scheduled to be off for students and be a day of professional development for staff.

Timmis said with a smile and in upbeat tone, “So our kids will be really focused before a long weekend. There’s going to be a lot of learning done. Then our teachers on the half-days of exams are going to do PD in the afternoon, the last two days of school, so they’re going to learn a ton too. We’re making it work.”

“So as long we don’t get another day, keep your fingers cross, we should be alright,” he said in response to school board member Barbara Read, who said well, at least with this plan the students and families can go into summer without seeing days tacked on at the end.

In a letter to the school community, dated in February, Timmis said, “I believe I speak for us all when I say that spring can’t come soon enough.”