By Seth Kinker,

The Dexter Downtown Development Authority (DDA) met on July 18 and continued to talk about the 3045 Broad Street redevelopment project.

First, the DDA passed an amendment to the 3045 Broad Street pre-development agreement with developer Norfolk. This amendment acknowledged progress has been made and both parties desire to continue to work together. Language was also added to require $25,000 in additional earnest money from Norfolk in consideration for the City extending the option period.

At their last meeting the DDA postponed the proposed amendment because of a follow up meeting scheduled with Norfolk Homes, the developer, on July 11. At that follow up meeting, Norfolk presented cost estimates for Building 3, as requested by the 3045 Broad Street Committee. These cost estimates, which will be made public when presented to council, came with the contingency of being in “white box ready” condition.


That means that the space is ready for the tenant to move in and update the space based on the tenants needs, not just dealing with a shell that’s been finished.

Building 3 is a three-story building that’s part of the proposed redevelopment of the 3045 Broad Street campus and is the only building that currently is projected to have a return on investment. That’s one of the reason’s the committee liked the idea of Building 3 housing the offices. The other was that they were in support of having city offices on the first floor.

Mayor Shawn Keough and Councilman Zach Michels requested that the Norfolk team make a presentation to the DDA and city council about a possible path forward to have Building 3 house new city offices, and possibly the sheriff offices, on the first floor.

Finally, with the new fiscal year beginning in July, the DDA elected officers. The current chair (Doug Finn), vicechair (Don Darnell), treasurer (Mike Fitzpatrick), and secretary (Carol Jones) were all reappointed for another year.