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There was no meeting of the Dexter Forum today because of precautions taken to avoid spread of the COVID 19 virus.  Mayor Keough was kind enough to send along the following notes about items that probably would have come up had we met.  

1.  City Council held a special meeting on March 18th to postpone the May 5th election about the $9.9 million dollar facility bond. We felt it was better to wait until we are hopefully past the COVID 19 situation.

2.  Mill Creek Park – Phase 2 Trail work got started this past week, just in case anyone wondered what all the orange fencing is along Baker. The contractor is just setting up the project limits and soil erosion protection in preparation for some tree removal and clearing. This path will go from the south side of Mill Creek Park and follow Mill Creek upstream behind Forest Lawn cemetery in order to connect to Baker road in the vicinity of the lot where the Lions sell Christmas trees. This should be another nice addition to the city’s pathway system.


3.  With the Governor relaxing the Open Meetings Act rules to allow for virtual meetings, the city is looking at ways to do this effectively.  Stay tuned in as we figure this out.

4.  People may wonder what the white signs are adjacent to the parking areas along Main and Broad in downtown – those signs are identifying temporary dedicated take out spaces for our businesses that are providing this service.  The City is trying to support these businesses during this difficult time. Perhaps the Forum audience would like to know that take out parking is convenient during this difficult time.  I know our businesses appreciate any visits they get.


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