| 1 min read | by John Hansen |

There is always something that catches the eye as you drive around Dexter.  This time it was Phil Arbour who wanted to know what the little forests of wooden stakes cropping up around town signified.  It turns out that these are the locations of the new pedestrian crossing zones that resulted from the cooperation of the City and the Schools to improve safety for kids walking to school (and big people can use them too.)

Joshua Kay, a candidate for Circuit Court Judge, introduced himself and told us a little about changes in docket assignments for judges.  The current judges have announced that the new judge will be assigned full time to family matters. 

Joanne Westman was looking for new folks to join the board of the senior citizens center.  (I think she got a good one.)


Julie Schumaker told us about a $100,000 challenge grant that will double any gift that you give to The Dexter Community Fund before the end of the year.  Pledges for future years are included.

In the don’t ask if you don’t really want to know department we learned that Central Street will not likely reopen until November 4 – unless it snows before that.

The rumor is true – we are getting a new pharmacy in town.  It will be a branch of an independent pharmacy in Saline. While it will be near the old country market space it will actually occupy the space of the old Hallmark store. Opening is planned for February-ish.

You have to give a lot of credit to our two county commissioners, Jason and Sue, because even though we grill them like bratwurst every time they keep showing up.  We learned more today about the potential for absorbing the road commission into the county government structure.  The commission is holding public hearings on the topic.  Check their website for time and place.

The next meeting of the Dexter Forum will be on Saturday, November 2 at 8:30 AM at the Dexter Wellness Center.