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There was some kind of game about to start in Ann Arbour so we didn’t have that many people sitting on the floor this morning.

Karl Fink was on grandpa duty and Gene Utke sat uncomfortably on the right stool at Karl’s request.  I think they are just messing with each other but that is probably a good thing.

We had a couple of new folks and they were biggies. Chris Smith who is running for Congress as a Democrat in the 7th District (that’s most of us) is literally a really a big guy.  Sheri Montoye is regular size but as the new executive director of Faith in Action she is a big player in our community.


A small reward has been offered for information about the great big back hoe that seems to have been abandoned in a corn field half way between Dexter and Chelsea. 

The RRFB’s (I think that’s short for rectangular rapid flashing beacons – some older people would call them flashing lights) that are associated with the construction of the four new safety pedestrian crossings in Dexter will be functional right after their installation.

We got an update on the Pay-to-Participate study being conducted by the school district.  Budget challenges dating back two decades have put the schools in a situation where kids have to pay for everything that happens after school.  The system has evolved so that some pay a lot more than others.  There are so called varsity sports where the school  pays a big share and club sports where the parents pay for it all.  The purpose of the study is to try to bring some sort of logic and order to the system.

A group called Better Angels that is conducting ‘healing’ sessions around the country has openings for people who identify as Republicans (they have enough Democrats) to take part in a structured conversation about politics.  The event will be in Ann Arbour on Saturday, December 14.

Washtenaw County will be conducting a paper survey of township residents concerning access to broadband service.  Twp folks are encouraged to participate.  We also heard concerns about the environmental effects of the new 5G level of internet service.  It is feared that the amount of electronic stuff in the air could be related to increases in cancer and also be effecting the birds and the bees.

The Dexter Community Fund has received a challenge grant that will match any gift to the foundation up to $100,000.  This relatively new organization already has over a half million dollars in assets.

We wrapped up by giving Sheri a chance to reflect on her first few months at Faith in Action.  We all associate FIA with the food pantry and clothing bank but they also have a shower and laundry facilities.  She was impressed by the sheer number of folks, both volunteers and clients, who flow through the place each day.

November is a five Saturday month so our next meeting will be in three weeks on Saturday, December 7, 2019 at the Dexter Wellness Center.