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Here is a site plan which includes a sheriff’s substation. Two plans were considered, one with the substation and the other without.

Dexter City Council held a work session on Oct. 14 to further discuss the design of a new fire station on the property on Ann Arbor St. and Meadowview.

“I think we came out with a very good project for the long term of Dexter setting it up for success,” says Dexter Area Fire Department Chief Robert Smith of the work session. “I think there are still some people that may want to reduce the size of the building or come in with the lesser of a building, but at the same time, those people want a building to last 50 or 60 years. Nobody wants to spend a lot of money, but they want a lot. It’s a challenge.”

While the City has not yet officially decided to build a new station on the property, all the arrows are now beginning to point in that direction. Four members of the 7-member council favor a new station on that site feeling it is the only option left to build a fire station that not only serves the Dexter area today but for the next 50 years. But it comes with a big price tag of $7 million, which is the point of concern for the other council members. Dexter City Residents would foot the bill but would first have the chance to approve the tax increase or not in an election.


“Our next steps are that we have to get to a point where we can provide clear information to the public so they can decide on a millage,” Dexter City Manager Courtney Nicholls told the council.

A lot of discussion was on how to reduce cost, one example being the roof. A peaked roof costs $70,000 more than a flat roof. A peaked roof looks better and that is a big part of the challenge too explains Chief Smith.

“When we started looking at the exterior of the building, the city’s own ordinances became an issue,” he explains. “The building has to have a distinct look. It has to set on a lot in certain ways and match the neighboring areas. Certain types of amenities as these can drive up the cost of building and so I think there’s a substantial amount of money involved in what the building looks like on the outside to make it appealing to the taxpayer.”

Below are some renderings of possible looks for a new firehall at that site. More pictures and information can be found at this link.

Aerial view w/o sheriff’s substation.
The view as you’re driving by on Dexter-Ann Arbor Rd.
The entrance
The rear of the building as seen from Eaton Ct.
The estimated costs.