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City of Dexter Mayor Keough submitted his report to the city council at their March 23, 2020, meeting which was conducted over the internet via Zoom. Mayor Keough’s report was prepared a few days prior to the meeting. Below is an excerpt from the Mayor’s message speaking to residents regarding the COVID-19 outbreak and safeguards being implemented. Mayor Keough’s entire report can be found on the City’s website.

“What a difference two weeks makes? As I have been preparing to draft this report this week, two things are for certain – everyone has heard of the Coronavirus, and we all wish it would go away quickly. But we also know it isn’t that easy. We are seeing the effects here in Dexter, across our State of Michigan, and throughout the Country and our Planet.

“I am not one to exaggerate, but please focus on the fact that we all need to be prepared for the unexpected. With all the recent recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and the recent directives from the Governor’s office, we must all prepare for change in quick fashion. Our kids are not at school. There are no sports to play or watch.


“We all need to get used to being at home, to working remotely whenever we can, and to limit our exposure to others during this time of uncertainty as we “isolate ourselves together”. That’s my positive spin on this. We can beat this horrible virus together, but only if we cooperate, be patient and follow the prescribed guidelines.

“My advice to everyone is to enjoy the extra time with your family. Remind each other to wash your hands frequently. Get some fresh air. Walk around your house or use the trails we have to get some exercise…it’s Springtime here in Dexter and there is lots to see. If you look closely, you can see bird’s nests being made, flowers coming up through the mulch and buds on trees. The sights and sounds of Spring are here with Spring officially starting in a couple days. You don’t have to go very far to get a little fresh air and you don’t have to be in a group to get some fresh air.

“I know that it is hard to be patient, especially when you spend so much time at home, but if there ever was an exercise in patience, I believe this is our test. I encourage you to call your family and friends. Sure, you can text or email them if you want, but that is so 2019. At this time in 2020, there are so many people that would appreciate a phone call right now.

“Our seniors are our most vulnerable residents to this terrible virus and many of them are following the isolation directives. I bet they would love to get a phone call or hear a story. So just because we aren’t supposed to get together, doesn’t mean that we can’t stay in touch and help each other get through this tough time together.

“Last, but certainly not least, I would like to provide some thoughts relative to our local economy as well. Our businesses are going to suffer during this time. So let’s do what we can to support them. I am not saying that everyone must eat out every day, but if you do get tired of cooking at home or have a craving, please try to remember that many of our local businesses would appreciate your support.

“Most of our restaurants are open for business and they would love to serve you some carry out food. Also, if you have been to the local grocery stores, you are probably as shocked as I am to see the empty shelves. Have some patience as they restock. Don’t take the last two items just because there are only two on the shelf. Take one and allow another person to take the other one.

“And finally, be prepared to prepare. Something will change again, and we will all have to adjust. If we are prepared to adjust together, as best we can, I believe we will get through this together. Please know that our staff at the City of Dexter are taking pre-cautions to keep our City as safe as possible.

“Our staff are working (in shifts to limit exposure to each other) to provide the services all our citizens and businesses depend on. Please call our office rather than making an in-person visit. Please utilize our on-line services (i.e. paying a water bill or asking a question) whenever possible. They are there for your convenience. Our hours of operation have not changed, and our staff will do the best they can to assist you with your questions.

“Thank you all for your patience with us through all of this.”

Shawn Keough,

Mayor, City of Dexter


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