Guidelines (subject to change) 5/06/23

1) All vehicles dropping off participants at Wylie Elementary  should enter the staging area on Kensington and drop  participants off at the school. After dropping participants off  vehicles must exit the staging area via Grand to Baker Road.

2) Only vehicles in the parade will be allowed on Forest (between  Hudson and Kensington) and Inverness ( between Ann Arbor  Street and Grand) between 8:30 approximately 10:20  a.m.

3) The staging map shows you the groups’ general location for line up. Rotary members will assist in the lineup.

4) Marching group vehicles should enter their staging area in the  direction of traffic flow as shown on the staging map.

5) Staging will officially begin at 9 a.m.

6) Volunteers at the entry points to the staging area will help guide you.

7) Volunteer block captains will be responsible for the final line up of the marching groups. 8) All participants must be in place no later than 9:45 a.m.

9) The parade will start promptly at 10 a.m.

10) The volunteer at the intersection of Forest and Inverness is in charge of shuttling units into the parade.

11) The volunteer at Inverness and Ann Arbor St. is the starter and will tell your unit when to  move onto the parade route.

12) Vintage cars should enter on Kensington and follow the volunteers’  directions for line up.

13) Volunteers will be along the parade route(parade route map attached) to facilitate movement  and parade timing.

14) All groups, except vintage cars and Dancer’s Edge, shall exit the parade route on Alpine and  continue up to Broadway to disperse. Volunteers will be on hand to point you in the correct  direction.

15) Follow the directions of the Sheriff’s department for exiting the parade route at the end. 16) The staging map is attached showing the area reserved for different types of marching groups. Vehicles/floats should be parked in the direction of traffic flow noted on the map. All vehicles/  floats must be sufficiently off the road to allow the vehicles in the parade up the street for  placement.

17) In general, the line up in your staging location will be based on the order of your arrival.  If you have any questions send an email to:

Marching groups as of 05/19/24

AAA American legion
DCS Dreadbots
DCS Dexter Hockey Club
DCS Moose/Dexter trap
Business Brian’s Service
Business Dexter Builders
Business Emergency Vet Hospital
Business Mikey and Me Foster cares
Business Rooofman
Business Recycling for Dexter
Business SBK Orthodonics
Business Thistle B
Business W4Country
Church St Joseph Parish
Church HuronRiverMethodist
Church Webster Church
Civic UA190local JTC Plumbers
Civic DAR
Civic Dexter Education Assoc
civic Dexter Historical Society
Civic Education Foundation for  Dexter
Civic Ms. Washtenaw County
Civic WAVE
govt Dexter Twp
Vintage Chelsea Classic Cruisers
Vintage Chuck Grahm
Vintage Huron valley corvette club
Vintage 8th Army MEDEVAC
Vintage Roger Piehk
Youth Black Belt Academy
Youth Cubscoutpack 477
Youth Dancers Edge
Youth Dexter Area Girl Scouts
Youth Dexter BS Troop 448
Youth Dexter BS Troop456
Youth Dexter Community Aquatic
Youth Dexter Little League
Youth Michigan Academy of Dance
Youth Ann Arbor Christian School
Youth SE Mich Sluggers



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