By Seth Kinker,

The Dexter city council voted 4-3 to waive predetermined conditions in the purchase agreement for the property at the Dexter-Ann Arbor site on August 12.

At their July 22 meeting, council voted to move forward with the shorter closing option for the Dexter-Ann Arbor, or MAVD, property. This authorized the deposit of $10,000 into escrow but at that time the council didn’t wave the conditions outlined in the purchase agreement.

MAVD granted an extension of that timeframe, with council having to make their decision at their August 12 meeting with the decision already being delayed according to city manager Courtney Nichols.


The conditions of closing that needed to be waived were public interest, property restrictions, and the physical inspection conditions.

Mayor Shawn Keough, who was one of three ‘no’ votes, brought up easements surrounding the property during council discussion while reiterating he wasn’t in support of buying the property. He wanted to make sure what they were buying wasn’t something they may already own and wanted to make sure the easements had been dedicated properly.

Keough suggested approving the purchase so they could move forward but not waiving all the conditions if possible.

The motion carried 4-3 with Keough and council members Donna Fischer and Scott Bell voting no.