By Seth Kinker, and Lonnie Huhman,

On May 6 the city of Dexter and Dexter Community Schools (DCS) reached an agreement that allows the Mill Creek Phase II project to continue and meet its deadline to ensure funding.

During the Apr. 22 board of education meeting, city staff attended the DCS Board of Education meeting to talk about the latest part of the Mill Creek Park Trail.

The city wants to construct a nearly mile-long non-motorized pathway from the southernmost point of Mill Creek Park near Grand Street down to an area just north of Creekside Intermediate School, on Dexter Community Schools property, with it coming out to Baker Road.

Leading up to that meeting, the school board’s facilities committee, which is made up of three members, stated it was not in support of the proposed location the trail would take out to Baker.


In wrapping up the discussion at the school board meeting, board of education president Michael Wendorf said the city and schools needed to meet immediately; walk the proposed route and come up with a solution with help from the design team.

He, like the rest of the school board, said they believe the trail is a great community asset and they would like to see it extended, especially in thinking how it would help students get to parts of the school district safely by using it without having to cross any roads.

By Apr. 24, city staff had walked their proposed alignment that came out to Baker Road, north of the new baseball fields along the stream next to the parking lot where the Dexter Lions sell their Christmas trees, with all of the school’s facilities committee and most of the board of education.

Looking over the proposed location for the trail to connect to Baker Road. This photo was taken from the Dexter Wellness Center driveway. Photo by Seth Kinker

On Apr. 24, Wendorf said an agreement in principle was reached between the city of Dexter and DCS that, if finalized, would grant the city an easement to extend the next phase of the B2B out to Baker Road on DCS property. 

“We do have a limited timeline were working through and the schools have understood that. They’re being super gracious in helping us out with that,” said Assistant to the City Manager Justin Breyer at the time. “For the next school board meeting were going to prepare a letter of what the expectations are from the school and city. (We’re ) also going to provide them with a letter that will be prepared to go to the Department of Environmental Quality so we can work two things in parallel. One, finalizing the alignment and getting a draft easement together and two, also making sure we get all of our permits and meet the timeframe the grant has.”

On May 6, DCS gave the city permission to represent them in regard to the permit application to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality for the Mill Creek Phase II Project.

The letter was provided with it being contingent on successful negotiations and approval of an easement by both the city and DCS.

“It’s a good project,” said Wendorf at the May 6 meeting. “It’ll benefit the city, the school district and our entire community.”


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